Paper Work

My nanny printed my brother and I some paper building sheets. My bother got a set for Japanese Festival Games and I got a bath & spa house set. I think it’s creative because it turned paper into a new and improved thing for people who like crafts and people who are quarantined and extremely bored.

I really wish I had a luxurious spa & bath shack in my house.

My unfinished house. Still in progress and in need of being finished by me!


  1. Let’s ask mama to work extra hard and then she can build us a nice luxurious spa and bath for our home!

    Meanwhile you, me and Soshi will eat lots of tasty food while mama works hard outside.

  2. I like your paper work!!

    From your favourite brother, ”Soshi!”

  3. Nice work Harumi, keep up the great work! Looks like you are having fun at home. We should do crafts together on FaceTime soon!

    -Your favourite cousin 😉

    • Hammy Harumi

      Hi Mia!!!! How is life going during the pandemic? I like you idea of doing crafts and I think we could Face Time each other and do it.Is homeschooling hard?

      From your Favourite cousin,
      Harumi ( I don’t have too be you fav. cousin)

      • You are definitely my favorite cousin, Harumi!! Who else will do crafts with me? 🙂 Homeschool is not too hard yet, but it is very strange to “go to class” and not see anyone. My teachers are still figuring out how to use video calling, so there is lots of awkward silence, hehe. How about you? Is your school hard? Do you miss seeing all your classmates? I sure do.

        Let’s talk soon!

        • Hammy Harumi

          HI MIA!!!!!!!!! When I call my teacher theres always a few seconds of akward silence. It’s good because I can do my work on my pace with no slow pokes but I still miss my classmates.

          From your favourite and craft cousin

  4. Harun I love your post!!!! It is very easy to control.

  5. I am an older women and I really admire your writing!

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