This is a story inspired by my brother’s “April Writing Prompt”.

– Harumi

I wish I had a machine that could dispense anything I desired. Also it would help me with my home work.

My robot looks like a regular human but with incredible knowledge. This robot helps me because my mom sometimes doesn’t always explain things how I would understand, and she helps to make things clear. She also helps my parents because my family can ask her what they want to eat and she makes one serving in 5 minutes.

Right is Hannah and left is me. I asked for potato salad, onigiri, and fried chicken.

My robot’s name is Hannah. She is programmed to help people in their lives.

Hannah lives in my closet which has access to an underground base where it gains power and stores supplies for the next day. There is only one base per neighbourhood and the robots have a tunnel from their house to the base. There they plan “robot stuff” for the next day.

When Hannah is making food she sometimes adds the wrong flavouring and it can turn into a catastrophe. Also she forgets where my house is and sometimes she ends up in my neighbour’s house. Fortunately, I have a tracker on her so I just go to my neighbour’s house and pick up Hannah and leave some extra cash for the confusion.

Hannah sleeps on my bed once every few days because she purposely works on storing supplies at around 9:00 pm (that’s my bedtime). This is just before I sleep so we can sometimes do some girl talk without my brother trying to eavesdrop on us.

Maybe I will be a robotic engineer and invent a robot just like Hannah! My mom thinks that’s the best idea I’ve had in weeks… 馃槒


  1. Hannah sounds like tons of fun! 馃槉馃ぃ

  2. Wow, Hannah sounds awesome! I want one… Maybe you can become a robotic engineer and make me one 馃槈

  3. hello there, your article is very good.Following your articles.

  4. Wow your robot sounds like a lot of fun. I want one!!

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