My First Virtual Class Meeting

On Friday April 17th 2020, exactly one month since quarantine, I had my first virtual class with my classmates on Zoom. I felt a little nervous and exited to see all my friends and classmates. I didn’t know if it was going to be a flip or a flop. I felt like it could have been a little bit of both.

My virtual class
This is a picture of my class.😊

I hid my classmates’ faces for privacy. Clouds are boys, hearts are girls, and my teacher is a donut. Shout out to Mrs. B! You’re the best.

The home schooling schedule is such that my teacher sends us an email everyday with a list of things to do for the day. I do what is required and my mom helps to check my work.

But this past Friday at 10:00 am, we had a class meeting scheduled. From now on, we will have a class meeting every Friday. I think that it is a great idea to connect with the class while social distancing. Also it is a good thing for students like me to see their classmates and friends.

The best part of the virtual class was when my teacher asked everybody to show their pets and we got to see some peoples’ pets. My favourite was my classmate’s dog named Carmel.🐶

On another note, my teacher is super cool because every week on Monday she uses this app to make a video for us. It look like her dog is talking to us. It’s kind of silly but I love it.💕

This is my teacher's dog, Obie.
This is my teacher’s dog, Obie. He tells us what’s going on at his house.

Overall I think virtual meetings are a flip! I’m looking forward to the upcoming classes.


  1. Wow, Harumi!! Looks like home schooling is keeping you busy! I can’t wait to see what you learn next week!

    Does Obie like Snickers bars? And what kind of dog is Caramel?

    • Hammy Harumi

      Thanks Miko. Im the video Obie saids dogs have a sweet tooth too!!! I’m not sure what kind of dog Camel is but I know one thing that he is cute.:)

  2. What a roller coaster this home schooling has been! I’m glad you were able to see your friends again. Thanks for being patient with me as I navigate this new “teaching” thing. 😝

  3. Uncle Marty

    Great job Harumi! Or should I call you Hammy? 😊

  4. Ali-Jade Pilon

    Hi Harumi,
    My name is Ali-Jade but everyone calls me AJ or Ali. I do kendo in Québec!
    As a teacher myself, I do think that what you’re doing is wonderful. Continue your hard work and keep that positive mindset: this will take you far.
    I hope to meet you next time I come to BC!
    Say hi to all your family for me.
    Good job 🙂

  5. That’s cool that your teacher set this up for your class. Even during these times, it’s a cool way to get to see al your friends and stay connected!

    Perhaps its the way of the future!

    • Hammy Harumi

      Thank! Maybe in the future they will have robots that will make udon with the snap of your fingers.:O

  6. Dear Harumi
    I thoroughly enjoyed reading about your first virtual class, specially about how students and your teacher get to include thier pets, I wonder if Carmel is the colour of Caramel?🤔
    Obie looks hilarious with the bunny ears and the Snickers bar 🤣
    Speaking of pets I have 5 of my own and love them to bits
    It’s a great idea to stay connected with your classmates and teacher.
    It’s a crazy time but we can turn it into a very special and happy time by being there for one another.
    Thank you for sharing your first virtual class meeting.


    • Hammy Harumi

      Thank you Mr Magdalena. Thank you for reading my blog. You’re right. Carmel is the colour of caramel! Also Obie told us that dogs have a sweet tooth too. My mom told me you have many pets. What animals do you have?

      • Dear Harumi
        Your mom is quite right, Louie Is our rascal super dog and Domino our sweet kitty
        We’ve also got three birds: Francis, Snow and Cypress 😁😇

        • Hammy Harumi

          What colour is Louie? Who is your favourite pet? I hope I am keeping you entertained during the lockdown.

          • Oh hey Harumi
            Yes indeed, I’ve enjoyed conversing with you and I got quite a few students that are your age who also been very helpful by keeping in touch .
            So you are welcome to keep writing, when I was your age many and many years ago it was common to have friends to write to and receive letters from…it was called being “Pen pals”
            So as far as my pets, I love them all very much…every single one of them is unique and very special.
            Louie was first and then Francis Snow and Domino came later and Cypress joined us last!
            I think it’s best if you saw them for yourself 🤔 is there an email address I can send them too?
            Let me know 😁 until then Louie’s color shall be a mystery but you know what maybe you can guess it! After all I can tell that you are a sharp and smart girl! So here is a good clue…are you ready for it?

            “Louie has something very very important in common with you!
            If you guess that correctly then you just might also know his color”!

            Let’s see how you do😊


          • Hello Mr Magdalena. Does Louie have black hair like me? And is she creative or dislike going to bed at night and sleep in in the mornings?

            Please tell me if I am right.🙏🏻


  7. Terry Kondo

    Such a great website Harumi! My wife is a school teacher and is doing her teaching in a similar fashion. I agree with your dad..maybe this is the way of the future.
    And if you get a robot that makes udon with the snap of your fingers, I want one too!

  8. Wow Harumi, I just love your blog! I’m glad you enjoyed the class meeting. I was pretty nervous too but it was so nice to see all of you together again. I really miss being in the classroom with all of you! Can’t wait to see everyone again on Friday!

  9. Dear Harumi

    How did you know? Yes Louie likes being up late and dislikes getting up early in the morning 🤣 he is nicknamed Midnight Fox for that reason 😁
    However you are incorrect in guessing his color! The quality he has in common with you is something that he also has in common with Kendo!
    I hope this added clue helps, there is also a hidden clue in his nickname 😉
    By the way Louie is a boy🌷

    • Hammy Harumi

      Is Louie a fox colour?🦊So orange? Please tell me if I am right. Also can I send you my email?


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